6 Things That Make for a Top Candidate Experience

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6 Things That Make for a Top Candidate Experience

Employers who don’t put any focus into the job candidate experience don’t have much hope of maintaining a good hiring and retention record. Simply put, creating a positive experience for candidates is crucial for your company’s ability to source and hire the top employees, not to mention keeping them around.  

Jobvite’s 2021 Job Seeker Nation Report has a few key insights about the candidate experience that we can learn a lot from. Let’s take a look at the top six things that make for a quality candidate experience: 

#1: Great communication from the employer/recruiter 

The top ingredient in positive candidate experiences was great communication, coming in at 54% in Jobvite’s survey. When the employer and/or recruiter communicate effectively without overwhelming the job seeker, candidates are pleased. When they communicate too little, candidates feel that they don’t have enough information to make an informed decision.  

#2: Ease of scheduling 

Ease of scheduling came in second place at 47%. It’s no surprise that this is a top area of concern for candidates. When interviews are easily scheduled with minimal fuss, the entire process is easier for all involved. If it’s difficult to even talk to a recruiter or hiring manager, candidates are likely to move on.  

#3: Easy job application process 

Before the interviews even begin, the job application process is something that employers should consider. 45% of applicants said this is a key area of concern. If a job is too hard to apply to, or if the process is convoluted and complicated, a candidate is likely to give up. If there’s another position that’s easier to apply to, they’ll take the path of least resistance.  

#4: Right amount of personal conversation 

Coming in at 35%, candidates say that the right amount of personal conversation during interviews is another key to the candidate experience. Making small talk and easing into the interview is a good way to approach it, rather than sticking to all business right away. That can turn candidates off and make the entire company seem less than personable.  

#5: Short/quick hiring process 

No one likes to spend weeks upon weeks in the hiring process. That’s why 30% of candidates say that a short hiring process is important for a positive experience. Make sure your interview and hiring process doesn’t drag on for too long. 

#6: Great explanation of company values/culture 

22% of candidates say that a great explanation of your company’s values, mission, vision, and culture is an important part of the candidate experience. The lesson is simple: include it in your interviewing and hiring process, and you’ll see positive results.  

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