How Can You Contribute to Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

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How Can You Contribute to Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This is an annual campaign designed to increase awareness of this serious disease. You may be wondering how you can help women during this year’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Here are a few ideas:  


Of course, direct donations to support the cause are always helpful. A generation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation helps the professionals there focus on key areas that help women before, during, and after a breast cancer diagnosis. $25 provides one woman with a patient navigator; $100 gives one woman the opportunity to attend a breast cancer support group meeting. $150 can provide a screening service like a mammogram. Your dollars make a real difference!  

Educate Yourself 

It’s always a good idea to educate yourself on the issue of breast cancer and how it affects women in this country and all over the world. The National Breast Cancer Foundation’s website is a good place to start. You’ll find educational resources, fundraising information, tips on how to help, and much more. 

Did you know that more women have benign breast issues, rather than breast cancer itself? Examples include breast cysts, breast pain, and breast infections. Here, you can educate yourself on non-cancerous breast problems by downloading the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s eBook, Breast Problems That Aren’t Breast Cancer 


Volunteering with organizations like the NBCF is a great way to use your time to help the cause. Volunteers can help to pack HOPE kits, which are full of supplies to help women in treatment for breast cancer. You can also join a Ladies of Hope gathering near you, a monthly gathering of women who volunteer together. Or, you can do something as simple as write encouragement cards, which get packaged in HOPE kits and are delivered to women with breast cancer all over the country. 

Share Your Story 

Sharing your own story of breast cancer, or that of someone you love, is another great way to make a difference this month. You can also wear the universal breast cancer symbol, a pink ribbon, throughout October to promote awareness. This simple symbol has the power to change the world.  

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