86% of Job Seekers Think Company Culture Still Matters

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86% of Job Seekers Think Company Culture Still Matters

The COVID-19 pandemic definitely changed the way a lot of us work. And as so many teams moved toward a remote setup, one of the main concerns was the sacrificing of company culture. But it turns out that company culture is still around, and it still matters. In fact, 86% of all job seekers say that company culture still matters to them when considering a job. 

What demographics care about company culture? 

You might be surprised to learn that certain types of job seekers care more about company culture than others. 68% of male workers with children at home care about company values and culture, compared to only 34% of male workers without children. 56% of married folks say culture is very important to them, versus 39% of single people. And 57% of college-educated job seekers view culture as crucial, versus 40% of non-college-educated workers.  

At the end of the day, maintaining a great company culture is important for everyone, regardless of what demographic of job seeker you’re trying to attract. So how do prospective employees learn about your culture, anyway? 

How do job seekers find out about a company’s culture? 

There are three main ways that job seekers find out about your company culture: job boards and review sites; information and videos on your website, and your social media channels. Job boards and review sites lead the pack, with 37% of job seekers using them to learn about the culture. Social media platforms are next at 33%, and your company website is close behind with 32%.  

What’s the lesson? Your reviews play an important role, so treat employees well. And your social media platforms and your company website are the other main portal through which job seekers learn about your culture, so make sure you’re putting the right impression out there. 

What social platforms do job seekers use to learn about culture? 

We’ve learned that many job seekers use social media to learn about your company’s culture. But which platforms in particular? You might be surprised to learn that Facebook is still king here; 79% of job seekers will check out your company’s Facebook profile. Next is LinkedIn with 54%, then Instagram at 52%, and Twitter at 49%. YouTube, Snapchat, and TikTok follow behind that. The moral of the story? Keep your social channels updated and promote your culture on all of them. It’s the best way to attract job seekers who care about where they’re going to work. 

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