Tips for Making Friends on Travel Nursing Assignments

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Tips for Making Friends on Travel Nursing Assignments

Travel nursing definitely has a lot of perks. You’ll be able to switch up your routine, see new and exciting places, and expand your work experience, all without ever getting bored. But it’s not always easy heading to a new place where you don’t know anyone. So, how can travel nurses make friends when they take on a new assignment in a new city?

Join a local group.

Do some research online to find out about local groups looking for members. There are all sorts of options. Groups that go on hikes, play games or sports, discuss politics, read books, go to brunch… the possibilities are endless. See if you can become a member of such a group, and you’re sure to make some fast friends.

Search for events on social media.

Social media platforms like Facebook provide an easy way to learn about events happening in your new town. You can even narrow down events by particular neighborhood or category. Music, art, parties, drinks, film, health, literature, and comedy are just a few examples. By attending these events, you’re able to find like-minded people to get to know.

Ask your coworkers where to go.

You’ve probably already asked your coworkers where the best latte is, about the best place to get your car serviced. Why not ask them about their favorite places to go in town, or their favorite things to do? Not only will you get some great tips, but it’s also likely that your coworkers will offer to take you or meet you there. Just putting it out there that you’re looking for things to do in your new city will be a signal to coworkers.

Put forth a positive attitude.

The final tip is to be positive and friendly. It’s the best way to make friends! If you have a good attitude, people will want to spend time with you. That’s as true at your place of work as it is outside of the office. If you’re a pleasant, friendly person, making friends will come easy.

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