Interviewing for a Position as an RN Case Manager? Here Are 6 Skills to Showcase

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Interviewing for a Position as an RN Case Manager? Here Are 6 Skills to Showcase

An RN Case Manager oversees everything that happens with a patient, from the moment of admission through their treatment and through to discharge. Case managers also provide guidance for long-term care when necessary. This dynamic, exciting career field is a great choice for many healthcare professionals, but what skills do you need to succeed?

Let’s take a look at six important skills for RN Case Managers to have:

#1: Time Management

There are a lot of moving pieces in the world of an RN Case Manager. And as is the case with almost any healthcare job, time is of the essence. That’s why time management skills are so important to have. When a patient’s health and wellness are on the line, there’s no time to waste.

#2: Autonomy

Because of the time and urgency involved in a lot of case management work, a case manager must be comfortable working on their own and making decisions without necessarily consulting others.

#3: Teamwork

By the same token, a case manager is a part of a team. Collaboration is essential, and good teamwork skills are key for that. If you’re not skilled at working closely with others, you won’t get very far as an effective case manager.

#4: Conflict Resolution

Sometimes, acting in the patient’s best interest can lead to tensions or even conflict with other people, whether it’s other healthcare professionals or a patient’s family members. The best case managers know how to turn conflict into collaboration and ultimately act in the best interest of the patient.

#5: Communication Skills

Whether it’s communication with the patient themselves, their family members, or the other members of the healthcare team, good communication skills are at the core of an effective case manager.

#6: Organization

A case manager who is disorganized can threaten the health of a patient. And communication will fall by the wayside, resulting in more problems. Keeping track of the details and maintaining proper organization around the whole case is a key part of a great case manager’s job.

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