What Are Candidates Really Looking for — a Dream Job OR a Dream Company?

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What Are Candidates Really Looking for — a Dream Job OR a Dream Company?

Sometimes, we make the mistake of thinking that candidates are only on the lookout for their dream job. And that is partially true — candidates definitely want a job that they’ll thrive in, and one that’s commensurate with their experience and salary requirements. But this only shows part of the full picture. The truth is that today’s job candidates are really looking for their dream company, one in which they can feel appreciated and grow to their full potential.

So, how can your organization make itself a dream company for those cream-of-the-crop candidates?

Be compelling.

First things first: you must provide a compelling employment offer for job candidates to consider you in the first place. The salary has to be there; money isn’t everything, but it is a large consideration when it comes to finding a new job. Benefits are another important piece of the puzzle. Candidates won’t be willing to accept a job that falls short in the benefits package department. If job candidates can more easily find what they’re looking for with one of your competitors, what reason do they have to consider you?

Be accommodating.

More and more, candidates are looking for jobs that are accommodating to the modern lifestyle. A job that provides no measure of flexibility or accommodations for daily ups and downs of life isn’t likely to be high on a job candidate’s list. Whether it’s flexible start and end times, partial or full remote work opportunities, extended maternity or paternity leave, or any other number of accommodations, make sure you’re clear about these offerings. It will pay off!

Be growth-minded.

Employees don’t want to sign on for a job that they feel could turn into a dead-end opportunity. Your organization must be growth-minded in its recruitment and hiring process. Employees want to know that they have the opportunity to advance, grow their skillsets, and earn more as time goes on. Demonstrate clear pathways for employees to learn and grow, and you’ll attract the best of the best.

Be healthy.

Subsidized gym memberships. An on-site workout facility. An outdoor path around the building to walk on lunch breaks. Even the simplest perks that help employees stay healthy are great ways to attract candidates and entice them to move forward. Focus on the physical and mental health of your employees to make it clear that you’re about more than just the work itself.

Get Help With Hiring

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