Top Healthcare Opportunities You Can Get as a High School Graduate

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Top Healthcare Opportunities You Can Get as a High School Graduate

It can seem almost impossible to break into the healthcare field without advanced education. But the truth is that there are all sorts of jobs, especially in the non-clinical side of healthcare, that don’t require more than a high-school education. If you’re graduating, there are certain positions that may be the perfect fit for you. Let’s take a look at just four of the many examples:

Front Office Medical Clerk

A front-office clerk or receptionist, in many cases, doesn’t need advanced training in the medical field. Responsibilities include greeting and directing patients within the facility, obtaining patient information, scheduling appointments, responding to complaints or queries, ordering and stocking office supplies, and maintaining the cleanliness of the waiting room, among others. Anyone who is detail-oriented, organized, and has the ability to multitask is a great fit for this kind of role!

Patient Registrar

A patient registrar is responsible for collecting a patient’s information and verifying insurance information, performing the discharge procedure, admitting patients at the front desk, and maintaining financial paperwork, among other duties. Professional customer service skills are a must-have, and good computer skills are also essential. Some organizations will require particular certifications or experience, but often you can become a patient registrar without higher education or years of experience.

Medical Billing Representative

A billing specialist manages billing processes for a medical facility. It’s more on the accounting end of things, rather than the medical side. You may be responsible for submitting reimbursement requests to state, private, and employer insurance, data entry, consulting with patients’ families, research and resolve client billing questions, and more. Some organizations will require special certifications to become a billing representative, but they’re not difficult to obtain.

Food Service Worker

Consider that hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities have working kitchens to feed residents, patients, and staff. And this is an area where you can get in on the ground floor with little to no experience or advanced education. Dishwashers, servers, line cooks… there are plenty of jobs for high-school graduates in the kitchens of these facilities.

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