Secret Sauce for People Who Are Always Getting Job Offers

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Secret Sauce for People Who Are Always Getting Job Offers

Do you know someone who seems to rake in job offers left and right? It can be frustrating to feel like that person has the “secret sauce” that you’re somehow missing. But the truth is that there’s nothing mysterious about it. You, too, can work on the traits that recruiters and hiring managers are looking for to make you more attractive to employers. Here’s what to do:

Be results-oriented.

Many candidates talk generally when they’re discussing their past work experience and skillsets. It’s a far better idea to focus on specific results that your hard work achieved. Ask yourself this: how did your work contribute to saving the company money or growing its business? The more specific of a number you can put on it, the better. Taking this kind of results-oriented approach demonstrates to the hiring manager what you can do.

Know everything you can about the company and the position.

Far too many candidates don’t know much about the position they’re applying for, much less the company. And that’s not a good way to impress the interviewer. Make yourself completely familiar with the company’s mission, value statements, target market, and history. If you can, find information on the person interviewing you and the team that the position is a part of. It shows that you’re truly interested and invested.

Treat interviews like conversations.

Don’t think of interviews as a quiz that you have to solve. Think of it as a conversation between you and the hiring manager — because that’s what it is. Discuss the position and your qualifications for it, rather than just waiting for the interviewer to ask questions and then giving your best answer. Treating it like a conversation will make everyone more comfortable, and it will greatly increase your chances of snagging the job.

Pay attention to your body language.

The hiring manager will instinctively judge you based on your body language, even if they don’t mean to. So, project confidence and calm. Dress the part, and sit up straight and maintain a normal level of eye contact. Don’t fidget.

Ask great questions.

Think interviews are all about the interviewer asking the questions? Think again. Remember that it’s a conversation — you can ask the hiring manager questions just like they’re asking them of you. You’ll learn even more about the role and the company, and it demonstrates that you’re truly interested in knowing more about the position.

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