Spreading Holiday Cheer and Gratitude Within Your Healthcare Team

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Spreading Holiday Cheer and Gratitude Within Your Healthcare Team

It’s difficult for anyone to work during the holidays, especially in healthcare. And especially this year, when we’ve seen the value of family firsthand in so many ways. As a part of management or HR, what can you do to show your team that you care and maybe spread a little holiday cheer at the same time? 

Here a few fun suggestions:  

Recognize them publicly.

While a simple “thank you” goes a long way, it never hurts to recognize your team members’ contributions and achievements in a more public way. Say something at your next team meeting, or make a post on your company’s social media highlighting the employee in question. That recognition among peers and supervisors will really make your team members feel appreciated.  

 Have a holiday party. 

Why not throw a holiday party in the break room? Put up some festive decorations and get some food. Everyone likes being fed for free! You can have a holiday pizza party at lunch or make a full spread for an after-hours gathering — it’s entirely up to you. But going the extra mile to set up something special for your team won’t go unnoticed.  

 Set up a gift exchange. 

What better way to have a little fun around the holidays than by participating in an employee gift exchange? You could set it up as a “secret Santa” or “white elephant” style game and have everyone bring a small gift on a certain day. (Try setting a price limit, so everyone’s contributions are relatively equal.) 

 Offer extra time off. 

There are few better ways to show some employee appreciation and spread cheer at the same time by offering extra time off. If you’re busy during the holiday season, make it time off for the following year. Your employees will appreciate that you value their personal time outside of work just as much as you value their contributions professionally.  

 Ask for their feedback.  

While it might not be the most festive option out there for the holiday season, asking your employees for their open and honest feedback is another great way to demonstrate that you really care. Plus, you’ll get key insights that you wouldn’t otherwise have, allowing you to improve things for your entire team. 

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