Creating Healthy Habits on the Job

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Creating Healthy Habits on the Job

No matter what industry you work in, it’s important to practice a few healthy habits while on the job. Exercising and eating well outside of work are great methods, but what can you do while you’re clocked in? And what can you maintain week after week in order to turn those methods into habits? 

Let’s take a look at a few ways to create healthy habits on the job:  

Pack your own lunch.

It’s far too easy to grab a fast-food lunch when you’re on the job and time is limited. Or, you’ll head to the vending machines and select from a myriad of processed food options. Eating this way too often will take a toll on your health — it’s far better to pack your own nutritious lunch whenever you can. Meal-prep on Sunday night, so you have a selection of healthy meals for the whole week.  

Stand and walk frequently.

Sitting at a desk for eight hours a day isn’t good for anyone. It can affect your posture, circulation, heart health, and more. That’s why it’s recommended that you stand at your desk for at least an hour per day. You should also make a point to walk around as much as you can, whether it’s indoors or around the building outside. Even getting a minimal amount of physical activity in every day is better than nothing. 

Avoid negativity.

Participating in office gossip and coworker drama can really bring down your state of mind over time. It’s not good for your mental health! Stay away from the negativity and try to be a positive influence at your job. You’ll find that it makes everyone around you feel better, and you’ll be happier and more fulfilled as well. Plus, staying away from distracting negativity lets you be more productive, too.  

Unplug every now and then.

It’s tempting to scroll through your social media or otherwise engage with your technology every time you take a break, or as soon as your shift is over. Try to stay away from this habit—it’s good to unplug and disconnect from technology when you’re not working, especially if you use technology frequently while on the job.  

 Are You Looking for a New Opportunity?

If you’re unhappy at your job, it’s tough to stay healthy physically or otherwise. Is it time for a change? Contact the staffing professionals at Health Advocates Network and take a look at our available job openings to get started on your search.

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